For the fouth year in a row, the WineOS event was held in Osijek – a festival of wine, delicacies and pleasant living. It was held on 1-2 December at the Esseker Center in Osijek. The festival gathered around 70 exhibitors, the best vintners from eastern Croatia and the neighbouring countries. It was co-organized by the „Vinita“ wine shop and the „Decanter“ and „Graševina Croatica“ associations. It has become a traditional event because it affords the presentation of excellent wines to tradespeople, sommeliers, caterers, journalists, and most importantly, wine lovers.

Josip Pavić, the representative of the association „Graševina Croatica“, emphasized the importance of the presentation to the local audience, as well as caterers from the whole of Croatia and beyond. „We see WineOS as a central place for presenting wines and vintners from eastern Croatia and as one of the most important events in the wine calendar. This year we decided to actively participate in the organization and I believe that the visitors will be pleased. The growth of interest for exceptional wines, seen in the past few years, guarantees that we will have an ever larger number of visitors.“

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En Primeur

En Primeur

On Wednesday, January 31 at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb, our winery participated in the event „En Primeur“, jointly organized by the Wine Association of the Croatian Chamber of Economy and the Graševina Croatica, Vina Dalmacije and Hortus Croatie associations. The young white wines of the 2017 vintage were tasted for the first time. The following wines from Erdut were sampled: graševina, Rhine riesling, rose, merlot and cabernet franc. Our winery was represented by mr. sc. Josip Pavić (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), our directors Dunja Vukmirović and Pero Grgić, and our chief enologist Melita Rumbak.

This traditional event stimulated great interest among the press, guests and citizens as it is an excellent way of familiarizing oneself with the latest merchandise on offer by Croatian wineries.

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